Composition of a Diecast Car

  • A die-cast scale model is produced by putting molten Zinc or lead alloy in a mould to produce a particular shape .
  • Now a days lead alloy has been discontinued and most of the companies now use Zamak (an alloy of Zinc with small quantities of aluminium and copper)
  • Other materials used along with zinc alloy are plastic, rubber & glass as well in some cases.
  • Recently Resin scale models have also been made for the customers who need a more premium finish in the Scale Models.

Resin Scale Models:

  • Made with smooth and fine texture which helps the paint to stay for a longer period.
  • Have a better shape and tight shut lines.
  • Models are sealed and thus the doors, bonnet & trunk etc do not open.
  • Delicate and structurally weak as compared to zinc alloy die-cast scale models
  • Produced in small quantities as its more labour intensive and thus are quite expensive.
  • Last long as compared to zinc alloy die-cast scale models as they are prone to deterioration and may result in blistering, expansion, distortion & cracking.

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